Sunday, March 18, 2012

PC vs. Console, who will win?

The answer to the title, in my opinion, is neither. As anyone reading this may have guessed, this post is all about the (sometimes heated) debate over which is better for gaming, PC or console. From a personal standpoint, I like both. Each one has their pros and cons when it comes to gaming. Usually my preference is determined by the kind of game that I'm playing. For FPS I usually prefer a PC, mainly because I prefer the accuracy that one can get from using a mouse. For Adventure/Action style games, I usually prefer to use a console. One of the reasons for that is the fact that with a console controller, you have every button within reach of one of your thumbs or one of your index fingers, making selecting items relatively easy. Now, I know that most, if not all, games on PC these days give you the ability to re-map your hot-keys to whatever you prefer, but considering that most games also use WASD keys for movement, I simply find it easier to not hassle with it and just go console. This point can be remedied by getting a controller for use on the PC, but frankly, I don't feel like spending an extra $30 U.S., give or take, just to get a controller that looks and functions exactly like the controller I already have... that happens to function just perfectly well with the console it came with. If you don't already have a console, then I would say that it could be a worthwhile investment

Graphically speaking, consoles are perhaps still lagging a little behind PCs, but when you take into consideration that the average PC bought at a store costs around $700 U.S.+ for even a moderately decent one, which usually comes with a graphics card that needs to be upgraded to something better, and compare that to the $200-400 U.S. (approximately and depending on the system) price that consoles are at these days, I would say consoles aren't doing all that bad. Add in the fact that you usually don't have to wait for anything to load onto a console to be able to play the game right out of the box, and consoles start looking just a little bit better.

Sound-wise, they are comparable. Both are dependent upon the quality of one thing or another, in the case of consoles, the TV the game is played on and how good of speakers it has, for the PC, it's how good of a sound card and speakers/headphones the user has. Either way, that particular bit is dependent upon how much a person is willing to spend on the quality of the product they're using.

In terms of variety, I would say there really isn't that much of a difference. These days many of the games being released onto consoles are also being released onto PC.

I would say that the only major advantage that a PC has over a console, is that a PC game will run in any computer that has the necessary specs for it, whereas a console game obviously needs to be played on a specific console. This can lead to someone needing to buy several types of consoles, which then runs up the cost of console gaming to about comparable to what a PC would be. However, if a person only wants games from just a single console, or even two, then it's still cheaper than getting a PC good enough to play games with graphics as good as a console.

In then end, it's really about preference. Many people will continue to argue which is better, but for myself, I will continue to enjoy playing games on my PC and the consoles that I have. For me, it's about the fun of playing games, and if people want to lose sight of that simple little concept, then there's really nothing anyone can do to stop them from doing it.

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