Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Start

Alright then, so anyone viewing this may end up wondering to themselves, 'What is this? Why am I here?'. Well, I can answer the first question at least, and that would be: this is a blog I decided to start in order to post comments/reviews/rants (hopefully not too many of the last) dealing with video games that I have played/will play in the future. Part of the reason behind this is because

a.) I'm an avid gamer. I love playing video games, and often discuss with friends about my opinions on things such as gameplay elements, game mechanics, storyline, etc.

b.) My girlfriend is a little tired of hearing me go on rant tangents concerning certain things dealing with games.

c.) Well... C is mostly just the fact that I enjoy using tactics in games and may talk about such. Just because.

Hopefully I can make this an enjoyable experience for anyone that decides to take time out of their day to read this, and hopefully I will make some valid points dealing with whatever games I may end up posting about.

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