Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ah, daylight savings... the ban of my punctuality. Now, I know some people may wonder why, of all things, I am making a post about daylight savings on a blog that's supposed to be about games. Well, in a way, it does deal with games. How, you may ask? Simple really. MMOs and MMORPGs. Most people probably wouldn't take this into consideration, but it actually can affect certain things about games such as Warcraft and other similar games. This is mostly due to the fact that Europe and pretty much the rest of the world, to my knowledge, does not have the same form of daylight savings time as the U.S. Not only that, but apparently Russia is always one hour ahead of the rest of the world during non-summer months, and two hours ahead during summertime, so that's an even bigger headache for anyone trying to coordinate an online event.

From my own experiences on various MMOs, this can cause a certain amount of confusion when the time switches occur, mostly dealing with in-game events that are recurring events, such as a weekly battle that starts at a specific time, or tournaments that happen on a regular basis. For most people this wouldn't seem to be a big deal, but for those who enjoy doing such things, it can range from being a slight annoyance to being a rather large hindrance, depending upon how many people are involved, the time-zones involved, and their personal schedules.

So far, the studies that have been made concerning the benefits of DLST has shown mixed results, most of them showing that the benefits are barely worth the headache of trying to synchronize all the varying time-zones with each other with their varying versions of DLST. Why the practice hasn't been eliminated is beyond me. From my own point of view, it seems rather ridiculous that anyone would think that changing a clock backwards or forwards is going to change human behaviour. If you like to rise with the sun, then you will rise with the sun, regardless of what your clock says. You may have to change the time when your alarm goes off, simply due to the rotation and tilt of the earth, but you'll still be up with the sun. Anyways, I'm finished ranting about the seemingly asinine practice of DLST, and I have new inspiration for a Minecraft creation that I want to build before I forget about it, so I'm off for today.

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